An Easy Way to Avoid This Cardinal Sin When Hiring

Over many years of career coaching, I've heard everything from the incredible to the excruciating when it comes to the job search and something has become abundantly clear.

When it comes to applicant happiness, there is one VERY easy way to set yourself apart from the pack.

Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Applicants always appreciate updates, whether it's an acknowledgment that you received their job application, a request to schedule an interview or a note letting them know that they haven't landed the job.

Yes, I promise - applicants really do want to know if they're out of the running, even if they aren't far along in the process.

While disappointing at first, this information helps them continue moving forward with their search and saves them lots of anxiety and wondering.

At this point, I'm guessing you agree that communication is king, but are already stressed thinking about how much additional time and effort this outreach will take.


Don't worry. We've got you covered!

Breezy's Stage Action feature allows you to set up automated actions that are triggered as you move candidates through the pipeline. These actions range from automated candidate messages to requests for team feedback.

To set a Stage Action, open the Recruiting Pipeline and select the magic wand of the pipeline stage you'd like to automate. If you're setting an automated action that's triggered whenever someone applies, click the return arrow in the Applied stage.

stage actions in Breezy

Clicking the wand or return icon will open an options menu. From it, you can choose to:

This short list gives you SO many powerful options when it comes to candidate communication! Next week, I'll dive into some of the creative ways our customers are already using Stage Actions with great success. I'll also share some of my personal candidate messaging templates that you can use to increase applicant engagement and overall satisfaction.

Until then, happy hiring!

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