You like us! You really like us!

Last week, GetApp released their quarterly report on the top 25 ATS systems and we were the only ATS to receive a perfect score for customer feedback!

That means no other ATS on the list has ranked higher in customer reviews - and there's nothing we'd rather excel at than customer happiness!

GetApp Chart

When people ask us what sets Breezy apart from other ATS systems, we share that it's our approach to the product itself. There will always be slight variations between our features and others, but that's not what sets us apart.

Most ATS focus on HR professionals. We are building with the whole team in mind.

We’ve found that the modern day hiring process involves more team members (from a variety of departments) earlier in the process and much more frequently than years past. With this in mind, we’ve designed Breezy in a way that allows any employee to use our product more effectively, sooner.

It's also why we don't charge per user - we want everyone involved! We believe that this communal approach helps optimize the recruiting workflow for the entire organization.

Faster feedback = faster hiring decision.

Our dedication to building Breezy for the whole team is what makes us so proud to have ranked highest in customer reviews. We take our customer service and product accessibility very seriously -- and it absolutely delights us when we see people are feeling that commitment.

A big thanks to everyone who left us a review and to GetApp for compiling the report. You can view the full version here.

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