Introducing Scorecards

At Breezy we're always trying to come up with new ways to add value to our customers without adding complexity. That mindset goes in to every feature we consider and implement.

When we launched Breezy we adopted a simple, lightweight thumbs up/down system for gaining feedback from your hiring team on candidates. It worked but it wasn't specific and often times it was difficult to use as a means of measuring and identifying the best candidate.

Well today we're taking a big step forward towards solving that with the release of Scorecards.

Scorecards are a powerful new way to create custom and consistent criteria your team can use when evaluating candidates.


Candidate Report Card

Scorecard feedback from the hiring team is aggregated into a nice visual report with a full breakdown, including notes.


Candiate Score

Feedback gathered from scorecards results in an overall numeric score for each candidate. That score displayed with them throughout the Breezy.

alt​ ​ We have more planned for scorecards in the near future but we think this first step is a big one.

Let us know what you think!