September Goodies

It's hard to believe it's September already and nearly 1 year since we were originally featured on ProductHunt. Oh, yeah, and vote us up if you haven't already. 😀

As usual, I'd like to share a few notable updates we've made over the last month.

Let's get started.

New Candidate Cards


Why? Well, a few reasons:

  • We needed a more scalable way to support new features. The new vertical tabs make that possible.

  • Users also needed a faster way to cycle through candidates. The old model required too many clicks. The new Candidate sidebar makes that quick and easy. Oh, and you can even use the j and k keys to as a shortcut.

  • We wanted more space to display information. This new layout gives us 20% more! Lastly, they had to look great and be functional on your mobile device. No problem. Check! ✅

Candidate Questionnaires

We've extended our Questionnaires functional for use in later stages, not just extending your application form.

Now from new Questionnaires tab to your Candidate card you can send a list of structured questions to candidates at any stage just as simply as you'd send them a message.

The results are tracked and captured in the same tab.

Multi-Company Support


We provide services to a broad range or customers. Many of them are managing the recruiting efforts for multiple companies and brands.

Well, now you can easily add additional companies to your account and keep the teams, positions and candidates completely isolated from one another.

When you sign-in you'll have the option to pick a company (above), and you can easily toggle between them at any time using the left drawer.

Zapier Integration

Our friends over at Zapier added us as a integration point last month!


If you're unfamiliar with them you should definitely check them out. They're an amazing powerful tool for interconnecting your services services.

In the case of Breezy, they're a great way to extract information from Breezy and put it into something else, like a Google Doc, HipChat or some other HRIS system.

Candidate Calendars & Event Cards


Thanks to our new Candidate Cards, we were able to add new calendar view of meetings/interviews you have scheduled with a particular candidate.

Additionally, now when you click on a scheduled event, we'll display a quick overview of the event instead of jumping you straight to the candidate.

Until Next Month

That's it for today but as usual we have much more coming soon. Keep an eye out!

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