What is taking so long? – Learn to Hire Faster

According to the SHRM Customized Benchmarking Service Report the average time to fill job vacancies is 34 days. For certain positions, it takes longer and if you're an early stage startup, 34 days is forever.

If you've been recruiting from months, you might start to question your recruiter, your software, and your hiring manager's abilities to get it done. Don’t worry, starting today, we are going to look at what we can do to hire faster.


Let me ask you a question. Have you implemented an efficient workflow? Do you even have a workflow? Tell the truth, a spreadsheet is not a workflow. Thing is, most companies either do not have a workflow or staff is not following the rules. You are not alone.

Since we are starting at the beginning, create a workflow that will help candidate’s get through the hiring stages. Monitor the workflow to make sure all involved are taking the most efficient steps possible to get to the common goal – the hire.

Both hiring managers and recruiters need to be a part of workflow creation. You can recruit all day but if the hiring manager does not have time to interview or is not giving accurate information for the job description, you are sunk. Oftentimes, hiring managers do not realize how vested recruiters are in the hiring process.

Job Description

Recruiter’s care about who is hired because they are investing their time to the growth of their company. That is why a job description is not enough to recruit a good candidate. To hire in a quick and efficient manner, recruiters need to know the true salary that can be paid, interview times and hiring date. It's is important for your entire team to have a vested interest in recruiting your next hire.

Additional duties, doesn’t mean more work

Administrative tasks can take forever! But with the Breezy pipeline, feedback and template emails, involving your whole team in hiring doesn’t mean more work for everyone. Automation can take the “Human” out of “Human Resources,” we only automate the repetitive tasks and simplify collaboration. Here are a few things to consider so you can expand hiring across your team without adding clunky administrative tasks

  1. Job Postings
  2. Screening Process
  3. Workflow
  4. Communication

1. Job Postings

It sucks to have to register, login, and copy paste for every stinking job board out there. Who has time for that? Plus, there may be some new and effective job boards that you have not even heard of yet.

This is why we have integrated with leading free and premium job boards – so all you have to do is drop your new position in the published stage. Get this automated and you can get back to the job of recruiting.

2. Screening Process

Build pre-interview questions that can help you weed out from the hundreds of resumes you can potentially get in a day so that you are only screening qualified candidates. Wouldn’t it be nice to just make that a qualifying question rather than having to look on the resume for the answer?

We’ll help you out with custom questionnaires to help your pre-qualify your candidates.

3. Workflow

Without an automated workflow process, you are dependent on manually calling hiring managers, sending emails to the hiring team and recruiting coordinators. With automated workflows, you can have your system send an email or iOS notification based on what stage the candidate is in for you.

Just as you can set up a way for candidates to get an automatic email once they have applied, Breezy helps you automate notifications and email across your hiring team to say it is time to review a candidate and give feedback.

4. Communication

I hate having to answer a million questions as to where I am in the recruiting process. A major benefit for using Breezy, is that it allows for pipeline creation and workflow automation will allow you to have up to date recruiting information on at your fingertips. Any member of the hiring team has instant transparency into the broader pipeline, specific recruiter and active applicants.

Don't wait for applicants

Why wait for applicants when Breezy can help you take recruiting into your own hands. If you know the exact skills or experience your need, invite top talent to apply.

Breezy for Chrome provides a quick, simple way to source candidates from LinkedIn and AngelList to your open positions.

Sourcing Tools

It's simple. Just browse to a user profile on LinkedIn or AngelList, click the Breezy icon in the top right and you'll have the opportunity to import (source) their profile information on one or more of your published Breezy positions.

Breezy HR is a next-gen recruitment platform designed for smaller, collaborative environments and it’s free to start. Sign up for your free recruiting software trial.