5 Ways to Facilitate Good Candidate Communication

Do you care about your candidates? I mean really care. Do you send birthday cards out or the latest swag item that you're giving away at the conference?

Sure company branding is a good first step, but recruiters, both in the agency and the corporate world often neglect candidates. Sure they are nice to candidates when they need them, but when the job is filled or they are not selected, they drop them like a bad habit.

It is sad really, to spend all of this time and money investing in corporate branding to attract candidates but not following up the communication with candidates to keep them coming back for future positions.

What recruiters fail to remember is that you are the candidate’s first impression of the company culture and mission. Part of your job is to begin a relationship with the candidate to see if they will fit into your company.

These 5 steps will turn your good candidate communication into a great candidate experience:

  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. Use Permission Marketing
  3. Don’t Lie on Your Company Career Page
  4. Automate Your Workflow
  5. Have a Face-to-Face with all Candidates

Introduce Yourself:

Standard communication for recruiters is to call and say, “ HI! I am Joe Recruiter; I have a potential position that I would like to talk to you about. Would you be interested in learning more?

“Whoa – you are going to fast! Who are you really and what do you want? How about, “Hi, I am Jackye, I work for ABC Co. I have been here for 3 years and I would love to talk to you about a DBA position here and see if ABC Co. would be a smart place for you to join as the next step in your career.”

Come across as someone who cares not just about their own personal interests but also cares about the company and the candidate.

Use Permission Marketing:

Seth Godin introduced permission marketing in 1999. There are 3 elements that define permission marketing:

  • Anticipated: people will anticipate the service/product information from the company.
  • Personal: the marketing information explicitly relates to the customer.
  • Relevant: the marketing information is something that the consumer is interested in.

So how can you do this with recruiting? Before you go into some rehearsed speech about how great your company is, make sure that the candidate is interested about the company and/or the position.

Can you call during the day? Is it ok to text them? Just make sure that you get candidates permission before blowing their phone up or spamming them to death with a bunch of crap they do not care about. That way not only are they willing to accept communication from you, they are expecting it. They might even be excited about it!

Have an Authentic Career Page:

What do you have on your career page? Candidates look at career pages just like any other page. Consumer expectations for the web are simple, easy, mobile capable experiences and your career page should not be any different.

Let people see what your company looks like. Have videos from the execs or team discussing the company mission. Ask employees to talk about what they like the most – even if all they like is the coffee. Give candidates a little peek into what the inside of your company. Give open and honest communication.

Automate Your Workflow:

No secrets here, automation saves time and makes filling reqs a bit easier. Breezy will help you streamline communication with candidates and your team. Building out auto-responder emails and templates for your most used correspondence will enable you to do more in less time.

Automating your workflow will also help you manage your recruiting process from any device. Who wants to thumb through responses, scheduling and disqualifications? No one.

If you really want to be a rock star, create a quarterly template for candidates that did not make it through the interviewing process to let them know how the company is doing and let them know that they are you thinking about them.

Make Feedback a Checklist

No one wants to be the last to know that a hiring manager has rejected a candidate. With the amount of ways we communicate these days, immediate feedback available to the entire team is a must.

Hiring teams using Breezy, can quickly notify the whole team or individuals with quick @mentions or by adding notes about the candidate in the activity stream.

Establishing a checklist will encourage your team to post the right notes and a rating so that you can see what stage the candidate is in and how they compare to others. Once you find out where the candidates stand, you can send group emails to all your candidates to let them know. If the hiring manager has not made a decision, a quick weekly email is a nice touch until the position is filled.

When implementing this communication plan, not only does the candidate have a better impression of the hiring process, the recruiter can make sure nothing has changed since the last time you have talked.

Have a Face-to-Face with Candidates:

Gone are the days that candidates leave work to have a meeting with a recruiter. – No one has time for that.

Our video interviewing capabilities may be the answer to your prayers. Give the candidate a virtual tour of the office. The more you can share about yourself and the company the better.

In the scheme of things, these are simple ways to open the dialogue with candidates. The more you do this, the more they trust you as well as trust the company brand. Remember, every candidate is a potential customer OR your future boss!

Have any suggestions?

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