We Don’t Need No Stinking Recruiter!

There is no rule that says that you MUST use recruiters to fill your open positions. Let’s face it, recruiters can be expensive. So no, you “don’t need no stinking recruiter.” But that doesn’t mean you have to do it entirely on your own. The first step is to gather the right tools to make sure your first go round of hiring out of your existing network is a positive one. We can help.

Here's a few steps to set your expectations:

  1. Know who you need
  2. Write a compelling job description
  3. Post to job boards that matter
  4. Scan resumes like a bot
  5. Qualify your candidates
  6. Get the right interview feedback

1. Know who you need

You work for a small company and the work is getting overwhelming. It is agreed, it is time to get some new people on staff. But who do you need? One who doesn’t want a lot of money but can do all things is not an appropriate answer. This is a very serious part of the hiring process. You are hiring a person – not a Swiss army knife.

The point of this exercise is to create a Job Title that fits what exactly what this candidate is doing. Don’t come straight out of the box looking for a candidate that can change a muffler, speak 10 languages and type 120 words per minute. It's just not happening. The person that you need to hire is the one who can help at the source of the problem, not the symptoms.

“What's the source of the issue causing you to hire someone?”

Honestly ask yourself “what's the source of the issue causing you to hire someone?” The issue doesn’t have to be a bad thing – maybe you have more business than you can handle. Maybe you want to implement a new marketing program. What ever the case, take the time to hire the right person for your organization before you hire five people and the problem you hired people to fix is still a problem!

Not sure what to pay someone? Check out these two great resources for estimating competitive salaries from Salary.com and Robert Half’s Annual Salary Guide.

After looking at the guide, always pay competitively for your industry and location. Be honest with yourself. Don't expect a Tiffany and Co candidate with a Target price tag to work out. Trust me, that candidate will be looking for a new job during the brief stint they work for you.

2. Write a compelling job description

Now that you know the Job Title of the person you are hiring and what this person will be doing, it is time to write it down. All that is needed is the facts:

  • Job title
  • Description of the job, tasks and duties
  • Minimum job related qualifications
  • Job requirements (Deal Breakers)
  • Special tools and/or certifications candidates MUST have
  • A few nice to haves (Don’t get crazy)

3. Post to job boards that matter

According to eBiz.com’s May 2015 list, Indeed is the most popular job site. But it is not the only job site. We've taken the guesswork out of finding critical job boards. Breezy will automatically distribute your job to the best free and premium job boards, including Indeed.

Recruiters do not always post open positions. Instead they may just look for the ideal candidate. If you do not have that type of expertise, posting a job on a Job Board is a must.

4. Scan resumes like a bot

Recruiters scan through multiple resumes a day. Sometimes hundreds. Please note, I did not say “read” hundreds of resumes – I said scan.

Let me explain what recruiters look for on resumes to put them on the top of the list. Recruiters spend about 6 seconds per resume on average before deciding to call the applicant. All that is needed before making a call is:

  • Do they live close?
  • Have they held this position before?
  • Where do they work now?
  • Where else have they worked?
  • Have they been to college?

Breezy will automatically parses resumes and scan the vital 6 second info you need. That is all you really need to know before asking your team for feedback or taking the steps to reach out.

None of these are knock out questions. It just gives you a good place to start. If you are looking for someone for to support your iOS apps and the resume shows that in their most recent position they are a security guard, there is no point in continuing to spend time evaluation the resume.

5. Qualify your candidates

On LinkedIn, a candidate may look qualified but to really qualify someone, you have to peer deeper into their soft skills. This is why we provide custom questionnaires. Questionnaires allow you to experience their communication style first hand before taking the time to schedule a call or video interview.

The questions you ask during this step are key to see if you want to spend more time getting to know this person. Do not waste time if immediately you don’t get a good feeling. Trust your instinct and move on. You like them, or your team thinks they could fit, schedule them for a video interview.

6.Get the right interview feedback

If you see all green lights call them in to meet you and the team to get a real feel for the potential hire. Know before hand what questions you want to ask and what the thumbs up answers are. Remember, an interview is not an interrogation. This is not your opportunity to show how smart you are either. An interview is like a first date. You want to know about them as a person as well as their work history. Never forget, they are interviewing you as well.

To insure a proper fit, have them interview with the people they will be working with and the person they will be reporting to. Hiring is a group event. Make sure that everyone who interviews the candidate takes notes and shares them with the rest of the group before making a decision.

We suggest using our Thumbs up / Thumbs down feature or a point system to decide whom we were going to hire. Everyone had an interview sheet to take notes on as well as a rating system. All of this information can be added into your recruiting pipeline and team decisions made on the top candidates become easier. How your team interviews will also reveal what they think the top qualities someone should have when working for your company.

And that’s it easy right? Not always! But following these basic steps are enough to help you get started. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you are hiring your first employee or your team, Breezy makes it easy to advertise open positions, manage and organize candidates and streamline team and candidate communication.

Breezy is a next-gen recruitment platform designed for smaller, collaborative environments and it’s free to start. Sign up for your free recruiting software trial.