Mobile Recruiting Starts Here

Breezy for iPhone is a companion to Breezy web, designed to make it faster and easier for you to do the things you do most.

Use it for candidate and team conversation, pipeline management or just to stay informed of new activity that's important to you. Breezy for iPhone is available now in the AppStore.
Mobile Recruiting

Once you have installed the app, you will begin to get notifications from across your entire recruiting lifecycle, from new applicants to interviews to team feedback, the activity that matter most to you will be instantly available where ever you are.

Pipeline Management

Quickly move candidates through the stages of your hiring pipeline.

You may not want to access the entire pipeline, but you are able to review a new applicant's experience and quickly request feedback from your team.

Easy Collaboration

Just like any chat app, we've made it easy to have conversations with your contacts. You can view and manage all of your conversations with your team and candidates.

Respond faster to important messages with push notifications for new candidates, candidate messages, team @mentions.

Conversation Templates

It can be a pain to write emails on your mobile, save time with candidate communications by using your existing Message Templates.

Don't worry about the misspellings or auto-correct blunders, just tap your candidate and start a conversation care-free.

Get started with mobile

Breezy HR is a uniquely simple, visual recruiting tool you and your team will love. We help you advertise open positions, manage and organize candidates and streamline all of your team and candidate communication.

You can login or sign up for our recruiting software for free, just head over to to get started today.

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