How to Write a Job Description

Right now, there are more jobs available than there are qualified candidates and recruiters are fighting for top talent. Unless your company is a household name, don't assume you'll get quality applicants just because you can pay them.

Recruiting today is rapidly becoming a function of marketing and less about human resources. Your job description is a company promotion and can be the first impression you make, so tell your story well.

Here are a few tips for writing job descriptions that effectively communicate your company's available positions and the requirements for applicants.

1. Why should you apply?

We put this first on our list because it's the most important step to hiring a great employee. Telling your company's story is crucial to a great job description.

So start the description off right and include images, video, reviews, or descriptions about your company. Convince applicants they are taking a step up in their career. People want to know why coming to work will be more than the free coffee and two weeks vacay.

2. Include the essentials

There are a few essential details for any job post. You should include:

  • Company Description
  • Position Title
  • Job Duties & Requirements
  • Necessary Qualifications
  • Preferred Skills
  • Location
  • Compensation Based on Experience

Also clearly state the requirements applicants must provide. A few typical requirements are:

  • Name & Contact Info
  • Resume
  • Experience Summary
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Cover Letter

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3. Be concise with the details

Does the applicant need to know how to print things or save files? Yes probably, do you need to include it in the description, probably not.

Describing every single day to day function can scare people away and make you job sound impossible, even for the craftiest jack of all trades. So be specific with your details.

Define job functions, skills and experience in well known terms. Using your internal jargon like "Adding TPS cover sheets to the P: Drive and solving PC Load letter issues" will confuse and limit your potential applicants.

4. Formatting matters

No one will read your paragraph if it is 100 sentences long.

Use Headers and subheaders
Organize your job description with Headers to organize content around the essential elements in your job description and application requirements.

People also skim content. Bulleted lists are easy to read and can help organize things like:

  • Necessary Skills
  • Job Qualifications
  • Application Requirements
Excellent Example

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